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Radio Australia Samoa
Feb 25, 2021
Part time
About the role We are looking for mid-level to senior journalists/communicators from across the Pacific to contribute to the ABC’s coverage of the Pacific region. This includes AYC Radu Austria's programs Pauific Beat and Wantok as well as ABC news online, and TV news. We want your help to tell stones that really matter to the Pacific, and stories that Australians should be hearing. You will work closely with the ABC’s Pacific Executive Producer and team of reporters. The role would include: -  You pitching your original story ideas and we will work closely with you to make them a reality. -  Coverage of breaking news stories  - Reporting for radio, TV, social media and online About You You live in either Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon islands, Tonga or Samaa. You might be a journalist or a communications expert who 1s looking for a new challenge. This is not a full time job but we are looking to secure a small...
$35,000 yearly
Unit Trust of Samoa Level 3, DBS, Apia Samoa
Feb 24, 2021
Full time
RE-ADVERTISED: SENIOR IT OFFICER Annual Salary : $35,000.00 Application forms and Job Descriptions can be uplifted from the Unit Trust of Samoa (Management) Company Ltd office, Level 3 Development Bank Building, Apia or Please contact Ms. Sera Mosese on telephone number 29916 or email: Your application should include : application letter CV completed application forms Samoa Police Report (issued within one month from due date)  Please send all applications in a sealed envelope with the words: “ APPLICATION FOR VACANT POSITION ” clearly PRINTED on the envelope, to the address below: Chief Executive OfficerUTOS (Management) Ltd Level 3, DBS Building Apia, Samoa PREVIOUS APPLICANTS NEED NOT RE-APPLY Closing Date –   12 noon, Friday 12th March 2021.

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MyJobsSamoa lets you create a smart job alert in 3 easy steps. Once created new jobs will be automatically emailed to you daily. How to set up a job alert to receive list of ALL 3 easy steps Go to the home page and find the search bar as below Click on FIND JOBS – DO NOT enter any keywords or location. CREATE ALERT – after steps 1 & 2 a listing of jobs appears. Click on CREATE ALERT This will...
Is this you? You have job vacancies delivered to your mobile device and you think life couldn't be any better when applying for a job? The fingers tap away on "Apply Now"...and another application sent - yay!   Now all you have to do is wait for the interview call and then... a day passes by then another....followed by a week and eventually a month.  You have stuck to the same routine each day without success what are...
 HOW DO I APPLY IN  MYJOBS    ? - Q&A Q1. How do I apply for jobs that I see on A. You will need to sign up on this job site. It’s quite easy to do. If you need help email us Q2. Do I need to have an employer’s email address when applying for a job? A. There is a button “apply now “ next to each job listing - you click on this and apply for any...
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