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Jun 11, 2024
Field Ready Pacific Field Ready Pacific
Roles Description – Country Coordinator (Samoa) April 2024 ABOUT FIELD READY Field Ready is a non-governmental organization dedicated to bringing innovation to international disaster relief and increasing local supply chains' capacity in aid and development. Our vision is to meet humanitarian needs by transforming logistics through technology, innovative design, partnerships with local manufacturers and leading relief organizations, and engaging people in new ways. In the long term, we are building an organization that can respond to need wherever it may be most felt. The impact of this will be dramatically improving the efficiency of aid delivery by meeting people’s needs where they experience them whether at an underserved health clinic, remote distribution point, or evacuation center. Field Ready is a US-based 501c3; more information can be found at . POSITION SUMMARY Having passed the start-up phase of our work establishing a regional hub in...
Jun 11, 2024
Full time
Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure Samoa Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure, Mulinu'u Road, Apia, Samoa
WI003138 & WI003140 A10 $26,756 PA JOB REQUIREMENTS Must be experienced in working with Microsoft software, specifically, Ms. Teams, Access, Excel, and Word (Essential). Must have sound knowledge of the Planning and Urban Management Act 2004 (Desirable) Demonstrates a good knowledge of Samoa's planning system and basic planning legislation (Desirable). Experience working with external stakeholders and communities (Desirable). Bachelor's degree in Urban and Rural Planning, Environmental Studies, or related field (Essential) Short Term/Capacity Building Trainings and Workshops attended and certified for (Desirable.) Holds a matai title (Desirable) Holds a valid driver's license and able to drive a manual vehicle (Desirable). Due Date: 20 June 2024 FOR MORE INFO contact 21611 or email  

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MyJobsSamoa lets you create a smart job alert in 3 easy steps. Once created new jobs will be automatically emailed to you daily. How to set up a job alert to receive list of ALL 3 easy steps Go to the home page and find the search bar as below Click on FIND JOBS – DO NOT enter any keywords or location. CREATE ALERT – after steps 1 & 2 a listing of jobs appears. Click on CREATE ALERT This will...
Is this you? You have job vacancies delivered to your mobile device and you think life couldn't be any better when applying for a job? The fingers tap away on "Apply Now"...and another application sent - yay!   Now all you have to do is wait for the interview call and then... a day passes by then another....followed by a week and eventually a month.  You have stuck to the same routine each day without success what are...
 HOW DO I APPLY IN  MYJOBS    ? - Q&A Q1. How do I apply for jobs that I see on A. You will need to sign up on this job site. It’s quite easy to do. If you need help email us Q2. Do I need to have an employer’s email address when applying for a job? A. There is a button “apply now “ next to each job listing - you click on this and apply for any...
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