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7 Things to get that interview

7 Things to get that interview

Is this you? You have job vacancies delivered to your mobile device and you think life couldn't be any better when applying for a job? The fingers tap away on "Apply Now"...and another application sent - yay!   Now all you have to do is wait for the interview call and then... a day passes by then another....followed by a week and eventually a month.  You have stuck to the same routine each day without success what are you doing wrong?

First, its time to stop that routine! Life in a digital world is fun and convenient but you have to be smart. Spare a thought for the Hiring Manager, who has to read your daily applications (and not just yours...others too!)...because you have been applying relentlessly each day to every job opening from the same organisation. The person reading your emails/application is another human being just like you.   "Just match the job description to the skills of the candidate"....right! well not quite! Recruitment is an art as much as a scientific process. Only if it was that simple. We will not discuss the mind of a recruiter here. 

But here are some simple things you can do to improve the chance of that interview

Applying for a job follow the laws of attraction - first impressions count. So, it pays to care about the detail....and create a positive impact in the mind of the recruiter. 

Seven things to help you get that interview... 

1. Prepare a CV. It should cover all the salient points about you. For example, these things are a must: Education, experience, qualifications, hobbies, referees, availability and aspirations. Also, include volunteer work if any. Make it about you without quirky fonts or images. 

2. Do not spam! 

  • Be very selective when applying for roles. If you have applied once for a role with a company, there is no point in applying for an exact same role that is advertised 2 months later. Chances are, the Recruiting manager still remembers you and for a valid reason not shortlisted you. Your fresh application is probably headed for the delete folder.
  • Also, if you applied for say as a security officer before should you now apply for housekeeping? Chances are in your desperation for a role you are blindly applying for all roles. Sit back and evaluate what really are your skills. Are you suited for an indoor job or outdoor? Do you prefer working behind a desk or being on your feet? Do you like meeting customers or enjoy working alone? These and many more questions like these should clarify the types of jobs you are suited to. if you cannot decide - talk to your friends and family who know you best. Often they can point you in the right direction.

3. Covering letter. Always have a covering letter. A covering letter should contain your reasons for applying for a job. It should reflect your personality and personal qualities that you may not have covered in your CV and why certain aspects of your skills match the job advertisement.

 4. Be polite. Everyone loves to be treated with politeness and respect. So, start your letter with "Dear Sir or Madam". Always keep it formal and not as if you are talking or writing to a close friend. If you know their name,  address them by their surname. Respect and politeness go a long way.

5. Clear layout for CV. Have simple and clear headings that are easy on the eye. Heading makes it easy to read and lets the reader focus their eyes on what they wish to read. Do not clutter the CV by reducing the font size to make it "fit" into your planned number of pages. There is nothing more annoying than reading a CV where the reader needs eyeglasses when they have perfect vision in real life.

6. Adequate details. The CV should contain an adequate amount of detail to convey the message regarding your experience and who you are for THAT job you applying for. I know you love bullet points - but they alone will not give enough to the recruiter. Do not make them guess about your experience. For example, simply writing... "managed all phone calls" does not make you shine from the other applicants. But if you wrote - "managed all incoming calls in a busy environment with 70 calls an hour". This now changes the work dimension and gives it better information.

7. Complete profile. if you are using an online job board platform to apply for jobs, then make sure your profile is completed properly in the system.  The online profile can also be your electronic CV, but its best to have a "Word or PDF" version of your CV loaded along with your profile.  Also, ensure the profile details are consistent with what is on your CV.

Looking for a job is a job - Good luck!