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How to Create a CV

How to Create a CV

HOW DO I PREPARE A CV (Curriculum Vitae or Resume) - Q&A

Q1. What does a CV normally have? 
A. Your CV is a document that tells about your goals, education, experience, referees.

Q2. Do I need to prepare a CV?
A. Some employers prefer you to have a CV so it’s best to have one.

Q3. How do I create or make a CV?
A. We will have some templates on our job site that you can use as a guide. You will need a computer with word processing program like Word.

Q4. How long should be my CV?
A. The CV should not be any more than 5 pages long. It depends on your qualifications and experiences that you include. It should have important items that are relevant to the position that you are applying for. Most roles will have a two page (maximum) CV.

Q5. I have been working for a long time - do I include details of every job that I have worked?
A. No, if your earlier work history is not relevant then do not include in detail in the CV. Employers are human beings like us and do not have time to read items that are not relevant.

Q6. What should I look out for to have a nice CV?
A. Make sure the CV is factually accurate, there are no spelling mistakes and no grammatical errors. Get a friend or maybe 2 friends to read your CV and read it for any errors or things you should either add or remove. A fresh pair of eyes is always good to see the CV before you load it to the job site for job applications.

Q7. Can I have more than one type of CV?
A. Sure! The job site allows you to have a number of CV’s that you can load on the job site. You can have a CV for instance that is relevant for finance officer and another for say sales rep.

Q8. I am interested in domestic duties? Do I need a CV?
A. Umm well, a CV is really there to sell your skills to a potential employer. So it’s best to write down your skills and experience so that you stand out from the rest!

Remember, a good CV helps you get the interview - it’s the first step in getting you your dream job.

Download Sample CV Template here