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Getting Started...on MyJobsSamoa

Getting Started...on MyJobsSamoa

Q1. What do I need to register as a job seeker?

A1. A valid email is required for you to register as a job seeker  (you must have an email eg a gmail or yahoo)


Q2. Can I use my work email?

A2: You can use your work email.....BUT do you wish your employer/IT staff to know that you are looking for a job? We let you decide...


Q3. How many job seeker accounts should I have?

A3: Just one! If you submit multiple requests - all accounts/requests will be deleted. You will need to re-register with one valid email.


Q4. Can I have any email name I wish?

A4: We highly recommend that you have an email that reflects your name. Keep it sensible. Looking for a job is serious business - why have emails that are likely to screen you out as being unprofessional.

We will delete accounts that have an email that is in poor taste and unprofessional.