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Our Charter

We are a group of organizations that understands efforts to prevent, respond to and address the causes and consequences of disasters represent one of the grand challenges to humanity. We recognize opportunities to improve responses everywhere and stress the need to have a profound social impact. Thus, we have formed Field Ready – its organization, branches, subsidiaries and affiliates – because:


  1. We believe that by making useful things locally, we can make the world a better place and that people should have essential items where and when they need them

  2. Our vision is to meet humanitarian and reconstruction needs in ways that transform international aid so it is faster, cheaper and better than current alternatives

  3. Our goals are to save lives and reduce suffering while increasing resilience and empowerment in the communities we serve

  4. We bring manufacturing to challenging places, train others and create innovative solutions by engaging people in new ways

  5. Ultimately, we created and strive to extend our approach everywhere it can make a profound impact

  6. Our values include respect for others, a bias toward action, learning, and a lean and agile approach to support people’s rights and dignity

  7. We initially focus our efforts on humanitarian contexts and stay through reconstruction to help the communities we serve to develop and be resilient beyond our presence

  8. We subscribe to widely accepted humanitarian principles and endeavor to be a reliable and impactful partner everywhere we work

  9. We unite in dedication to the tenets and principles outlined above

  10. Together we subscribe to a single Global Operating Agreement

Jun 11, 2024
Field Ready Pacific Field Ready Pacific
Roles Description – Country Coordinator (Samoa) April 2024 ABOUT FIELD READY Field Ready is a non-governmental organization dedicated to bringing innovation to international disaster relief and increasing local supply chains' capacity in aid and development. Our vision is to meet humanitarian needs by transforming logistics through technology, innovative design, partnerships with local manufacturers and leading relief organizations, and engaging people in new ways. In the long term, we are building an organization that can respond to need wherever it may be most felt. The impact of this will be dramatically improving the efficiency of aid delivery by meeting people’s needs where they experience them whether at an underserved health clinic, remote distribution point, or evacuation center. Field Ready is a US-based 501c3; more information can be found at . POSITION SUMMARY Having passed the start-up phase of our work establishing a regional hub in...