Eat the Kiwi Samoa

  • Vaitele Street, Apia, Samoa

New Zealand has gained a worldwide reputation for its unspoilt natural environment, pure water supply, fertile soils, clean air and lush pastures. Its ability to grow and nourish premium ingredients is something we are tremendously proud of and equally passionate about sharing. We work together with New Zealand producers and growers to supply an extensive range of high-quality ingredients just for you. We source fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products and beverages from the exceptional food basket of the South Pacific.

We've scoured the country for the perfect ingredients, from artisanal dairy-free yoghurt to sustainably caught fish. We know the origin of everything we sell, we know the growers and we know their story. We want to ensure that their passion and care is passed on to you to continue to enjoy.

All of our meat and eggs are free-range or free-roaming. They're fed natural diets, free from added antibiotics, hormones or steroids; nature knows best. 

We source peak season produce. We're always updating what's available to ensure you receive only the freshest, high-quality Kiwi goodness. 

Eat The Kiwi delivers the goodness of New Zealand to the doors of restaurants and homes. We understand the level of quality and consistency that top chefs need and know that this is something you want too. We work hard to ensure you receive nothing short of perfection. 

Aug 27, 2023
Full time
Eat the Kiwi Samoa Vaitele Street, Apia, Samoa
As a Eat the Kiwi Samoa Driver you will be critical to the ETK team and one of the important faces of our organization. As one of our drivers, you will have an impact on our customers by delivering our meats, produce, frozen goods, groceries, dry goods, equipment, and supplies to their drop-off sites. Your efforts are the foundation that defines ETK’s success based on our pillars of cultural beliefs, work ethic, collaborative spirit, and service. You will required to: Deliver best-in-class Customer Service. Deliver customer's orders to meet scheduled delivery times and keep productivity. Unload products and place items in customer storage area. Able to perform repeated, manual heavy lifting of items up to 25kg. Make frequent stops during a work shift. Deliver product in inclement weather conditions. Verify delivery of items with customers. Collect money (cash or checks) where needed. You must be: immaculately presented. Must Be...