Tara Company

The Tara company was established in Samoa in May 2008.

To date, we have three locations and deliver widely throughout Upolu and Savaii.  We have two well equipped Distribution centres to service our clients.

Tara is a unique and dependable brand.

We have been registered as one of the biggest and the most reliable ice suppliers in Samoa.

Our food grade ice is produced from treated and filtered water.  It is fully tested and compliant with all the Health Department’s regulations.

We make sure our customers have all the unlimited numbers of ice supply, especially through the peak demand period and every day of the year. Our customers include supermarkets, fishing industry, petrol stations, a variety of local stores, customers with manufacturing needs and local government bodies. All our delivery vehicles are GPS tracked so we can provide you with the best possible service.

We pride ourselves on our most trustworthy 24/7 service, coupled with the most friendly and efficient staff. Ice production operates 24 hours every day in order to satisfy our customer’s demands.

Our operations have further expanded to include the hire of mobile cool rooms, marques, tents, tables and chairs for your events and special occasions. We are consistently looking at ways in which to improve our products and services to existing and new customers.