Koel Construction Group

  • Auckland NZ

Hi. My name is David Murray but everyone calls me Pinky. (Long story). I am the Operations coordinator for Koel Construction Group.  We are a multi national company with projects primarily in NZ but we also have some internationally contracts. 
We are involved in commercial development project as well as residential projects. Our commercial development projects include shopping centers, stand alone businesses such as Bunnings, the Warehouse, Whangarei Hospital and others.
Our residential aspect is the acquisition is the inclusion of a Kainga Ora (state owned housing) contract initially covering roofing maintenance and repair.
Our international department has completed a number of contracts in Australia and now we have been given contracts for American Samoa and Tonga.
We are a well established company and have been continually developing and upgrading our market share within the construction industry both here in NZ and developing international connections and getting international contracts.
We take special pride in being able to not only offer our services internationally but in many cases try to engage Pacifica nations with employment opportunities. We are honored to be able to offer this opportunity to suitable candidates in Samoa.
Thank you