Tui Pacific Company

  • Apia, Samoa

Tui Pacific company is a fishing business which has been launched at the Matautu Wharf on the 23rd of December 2020

Driven by businessman and General Manager, Tusa Victor Vaai, who also owns Samoa Pure Water company, the business venture that took close to a year to plan has been realised. The company launched its first phase on Tuesday morning, a Cold Storage at Matautu.

According to Tusa, it was during the third China Pacific Island countries economic development and cooperation forum in October 2019 that he saw the opportunity to sell more water. He also focused on expanding his business to find overseas markets for the Samoan brand purified bottled water.  

It was during the discussions that he had the opportunity to talk with Samuel Chou, of Huanan Fisheries. 

The request was received with laughter from Mr. Chou and since then the business partners joined forces to get the venture off the ground.

“This is where our company's vision was born coming  together with Huanan Fisheries to form Tui Pacific Company which is now a reality as of this morning,” he said.

At the beginning of 2020, the partners were asked by Swire Shipping Line to join venture as a third party.  Tusa said Swire Shipping brings to the table the professionalism and wide experience and understanding of the shipping world globally.

“They also bring a fresh outlook of how we need to lift our standards to be on bar with many other global companies worldwide,” he said.

The General Manager said the company’s main objective is to make Samoa the main fishing hub for the Pacific within the next four years. 

“We are uniquely situated in the Pacific as an easy access from other countries EEZ [Exclusive Economic Zone] and makes us a perfect transshipment ground for fishing companies,” he said.  “We may have one of the smallest EEZ in the Pacific but this is to our advantage. 

“So sometimes, small is beautiful and this will entail, economic growth to our GDP [Gross Domestic Profit] and bring in revenue for our ports…”

The partnership also promises employment for 150 local Samoan sailors to man the fishing fleet. 

Tusa believes the joint venture is only as strong as the support and help that they receive from Government and its stakeholders. 

“So please if you do see my name on your meeting schedules, please the Savaii boy needs your help, in all seriousness,” he told the gathering. 

“We do need the support and the backing of the government to achieve our other phases and it is imperative that we have a collaborated effort to ensure a brighter future for Samoa and its people.