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Appen Remote
Oct 13, 2021
Part time
Help improve the quality and performance of our client’s AI-powered translation engine! Your task is to review and correct translations of sentences sourced from Wikipedia. We will provide you with Guidelines for how to assess the translations. The data will be used to develop better AI-powered translation systems from English into your language. Flexible hours. You will be paid monthly. Exact timelines vary per language and will be conveyed upon application.   Requirements Volume: ~13,000 words per language. Domain: General - sentences sourced from Wikipedia articles. You will be required to create an ADAP account to work on this project. Stable internet connection. Strong attention to detail. You must have previous translation experience to work on this project. Qualifications and experience will be assessed on application.   Please follow the steps below on how to apply for the project:   1. Visit the Appen website...