Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) is the principal organisation which provides regulatory and technical advice, training, and support for subsistence and commercial farmers, agri-processors, and exporters.To effectively manage and use the potential in agriculture and fisheries for food security, income generating opportunities, commercial development, and sustainable management of resources.  The Ministry's vision is: Self sufficiency in food and increased income generating opportunities in farming. 

The Ministry's long term goals are: 

1. Improved Food Security

2. Improved Commercial Development

3. Sustainable Agricultural Production

The Ministry is divided into the following divisions with clear roles to contribute in achieving the long term goals.  

Animal Production and Health Division (APHD): Improve livestock production for subsistence and commercial producers, processors and marketers.

Corporate Services Division (CSD): To conduct research, provide advisory services, and undertake development on the areas of human resource management, finance, administration, asset management, and information technology in accordance with relevant legislations, policies and procedures of our Government.  

Crops Division: Improve crop production for subsistence and commercial producers, processors and marketers.

Fisheries Division: Encourage and promote community involvement in in-shore fisheries, aquaculture, private sector investment in commercial fisheries, and adoption of sustainable fisheries practices. 

Policy, Planning and Communication Division (PPCD): Publish information, newsletter and coordinate public awareness through communication on issues faced by the agricultural and fisheries sectors, and coordinate and facilitate development projects to improve these sectors.

Quarantine Division: Prevent the introduction and spread of unwanted agricultural pests and disease, whilst facilitating the import and export of commodities in compliance with international agreements and obligations.