Samoa Shipping Services

  • Savalalo, Apia, Samoa

HISTORY The Samoa Shipping Services Ltd (‘SSS’) was established in June 1978 as an incorporated company fully owned by the Government of Samoa to manage the operations of the vessel MV Forum Samoa I and to provide crewing services for Samoan seafarers. The vessel MV Forum Samoa I was sold in 1998 and a new vessel, MV Forum Samoa II was acquired in 2001 to continue shipping operations. The MV Forum Samoa II was resold in 2015. To date, SSS exist to provide two core services: (1) Crewing Services for Samoan seafarers and (2) Shipping Agency Services through cargo handling (sea and air), vessel management, shipping and stevedoring agency services for its partners and customers.

MANDATES SSS is mandated under the Samoa Companies Act 2001 and the Samoa Shipping Act 1998. Other related mandates include:  Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001 and Regulations 2012  Public Finance Management Act 2001  Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013  Relevant Maritime, Ports and Shipping Laws and Regulations  Government of Samoa Policies and Cabinet Directives  Strategy for the Development of Samoa (SDS) 2017-2020  SSS Policies, Procedures, Work Manuals and Strategic Plans.

STAFFING AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SSS is a Government body under the portfolio of the Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure (‘MWTI’), and is governed by the SSS Board of Directors which consists of one (1) Chairman and four (4) Directors. The Board meets every month to deliberate and make resolutions on strategic and policy matters. The General Manager leads and manages daily operations and acts as secretary to the Board. At present, SSS employs 20 local staff and recruits more than 400 Samoan seafarers for work contracts on international cruise and cargo vessels, mainly in Europe and local fishing vessels. 4. OUR VISION “Excellent and sustainable shipping and crewing services through quality performance” 5. OUR MISSION “To provide superior crewing and shipping agency services in accordance with international laws and standards that are sustainable and equitable for all stakeholders” 6. OUR VALUES  Reliability  Integrity  Honesty  Transparency  Accountability  Good Governance 7. OUR FUNCTIONS Crewing  Crewing is SSS’s main core function and is the sole employment provider of Samoan seafarers on international vessels. Currently there are more than 400 Samoan seafarers contracted by SSS on international cruise, cargo and fishing vessels.  SSS works in partnership with the Samoa School of Maritime Training at the National University of Samoa to ensure the quality of Samoans seafarers. Recently there is substantial increase in the number of graduates each year due to the increased interest in the seafarer profession.  SSS therefore commits to continuing efforts to strengthen and secure partnerships with international shipping companies to ensure more and continued employment for Samoan seafarers Shipping Agency  SSS provides shipping agency functions to its principal shipping partners mainly in the Pacific and Oceania region  SSS continues seek opportunities to extend its shipping agency function to include other part of the wider global community.

At present, SSS holds 2% of the shipping agency market in Samoa and is committing to increase to 5% by the end of 2020. Lautimuia Afoa Uelese Vaai GENERAL MANAGER .Email Telephone +685 7663749 / +685 7778515