Tokelau Government

  • Savalalo, Apia, Samoa

Tokelau consists of three small coral atolls that lie between latitudes 8 and 10 degrees South and 171 and 173 degrees West. Atafu, the most northern atoll has a surface area of 3.5km2; Nukunonu, the central atoll is 4.7km2 and Fakaofo, the southern atoll is 4km2. From Atafu in the north to Fakaofo in the south, Tokelau extends for less than 200km and the atolls are 3-5 meters above sea level.

Tokelau's Current Development Strategy

  • Tokelau's pathway is largely guided by its premier agenda-driven  initiative called the Tokelau Natjooal Strategic Plan (TNSP 2010-2015). The TNSP has 4 main Policy Outcome Areas:
  • GOAL 1: Good  Governance: Improved governance, public sector and financial management and application  of the rule of law;
  • GOAL 2: Infrastructure Development: Improved standard of living through reliable, adequate and efficient infrastructure;
  • GOAL 3: Human Development: Improved  health. education outcomes and social well-being of commuillties;
  • GOAL 4: Sustaina bility: Improved economic, cultural, environmental and spiritual sustainability.