Kuki Company Ltd

Talofa lava!  KUKI's collection of handmade, natural remedies have a more traditional approach to healing.  The company was founded in 2017 and is located in Vaivase-Uta, Samoa.  We use only the finest, quality ingredients that the Pacific Islands naturally provides.  Traditional Samoan culture still dominates the lives of our people and still use all natural and organic remedies to heal most ailments. We want to share our culture and ancient remedies with the rest of the world by modernizing them into balms, salves, oils, powders and soaps.  

Our company is cutting edge in providing natural, artisanal skincare from the heart of Samoa.  Using mainly indigenous and botanical ingredients, our product is at the forefront of alleviating a range of ailments and conditions; including burns and aches and pains from overuse of specific muscles.