Amanaki is Father's Dream Come True

Amanaki Hotel is a family-oriented hotel that started as a piece of land bought by Kim and Beverly Levi years ago, as a place where they wanted to create something special.  Six years after Kim’s passing the family have achieved Amanaki Hotel.

Amanaki actually means ‘hope’ or ‘good expectations’ in Tokelauan” says daughter Lynelle Betham.  “We wanted to pay tribute to our father including his (and our) Tokelaun heritage – and of course we wanted this hotel to meet and exceed visitor expectations.”

“This includes providing superior level accommodation at reasonable prices.”

The hotel layout was designed by younger brother Fata Levi, whose seaward design means all guests have a harbour view no matter what room they are in.  He says it’s important if they are a Beach Road hotel to actually have a view.  “It’s something we take for granted but all part of the experience for overseas guests,” he says