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Stand out from others (become a valued staff member)

Stand out from others (become a valued staff member)

So what makes you more valuable than the your organisation?

Here are three simple things...

1. Trust 

Specifically building trust. Trust comes from two things - integrity and being capable of doing your job. Honesty is a highly valued trait and is often is part of what defines your integrity. Speak your mind appropriately when asked and if you are unsure be honest. It is perfectly "Ok" to not know all the answers or to put your hand up and admit/own your weaknesses. Trust also flows from your capabilities. You were hired for your role because the organisation that hired you had the faith in your technical and interpersonal skills. 

2. Go the extra mile...

Think outside the square and do not turn a blind eye to things as they are not in your position description. Managers/owners treasure people who are creative and are problem solvers. Don't throw your hands up in the air and declare "too hard". Find a way forward by brainstorming, discussing and researching the issues. If there is a tap leaking water...."tighten the tap properly" or wash the dishes in the sink. It is not in anyone's job description to tighten leaky taps! Small things get noticed...go with the saying "be the standard that you walk past". 

3. Enthusiasm

Be excited to be rolling out of bed to go to work!  When an issue or problem is given to you -  show that you have a 'can do attitude".  Be positive at work and when asked "how are you feeling?" Do not spend the next 30 minutes doing a download of the million issues you are facing in your life. That may be the last time someone asks you that question and everyone will probably avoid you in the lunch room. (Of course seek help if you genuinely have problems....but not everyone at work will be ready to hear your issues and are your friends).

If it is too painful thinking about are not in the right job.There are two options available:  a.change the environment at work so that it is a fun environment and, b. if you can't change that environment - go somewhere else where you will be happy!  Radical right! Well we have discussed with a lot of people over the years and have also experienced this first hand.

Gandhi is credited with saying "Be the change you want to see in the world"...start being that change!