Principal Safata College

  • Ministry of Education Sports and Culture
  • Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC), Apia, Samoa
  • May 16, 2024
Contract Government & Military Teaching, Education & Training

Job Description & Skills/Qualifications Required



For your application to be considered you must complete ALL requirements of the Application Package 

  • Complete and signed Application Form (Form 2)
  • Certified Copies of all academic achievements/qualifications/training etc.
  • Recently updated Curriculum Vitae (12 months)
  • 3 Written References –Valid within 12 months.



Application Packages for all Positions of Responsibilities to be uplifted from the School Operation Division of the Ministry of Education & Culture


All applications should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Ministry of Education & Culture


All applications must be hand delivered to the School Operation Division of the Ministry of Education & Culture or email to

All Applications for the position will be closed on 5th June 2024 at 5:00pm

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Jolly Papalii – Palale or Saofaiga July of the School Operation Division on telephone 64607 (ext 123).


About the Ministry of Education and Culture 

Education and training is the Government’s key priority. It is a critical ingredient in the nation’s overall development of a creative, productive, democratic and caring society. A quality education system prepares citizens for changing roles in a dynamic social, economic and global technological environment that is constantly changing. 


The Ministry of Education and Culture (MESC) is mandated to carry out its duties and functions under the:

  • Education Act 2009
  • Teachers Act 2016
  • Ministry of Youth, Sports and Cultural Affairs Act 1993




Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture. 

Primary Objective:

  1. Contribute to educational improvement in leading, managing and overseeing the school in close collaboration with the community.
  2. To ensure the provision of quality, efficient and effective teaching and assessment services.
  3. To support and promote teacher development and professional standards
  4. To support and promote student learning and school performance in close collaboration with the community.
  5. Ensure effective, efficient management of school buildings, facilities, equipments and public resources to promote a safe, productive and supportive learning environment in close collaboration with the community.
  6. Perform and comply with all other mandated duties and responsibilities as per the Education Act 2009 & the Teachers Act 2016.
  7. To support and promote an environment where everyone is respected, safe and execute decision making that is fair and impartial. 

Primary Role:

To manage and lead staff and students and oversee management of a Government school in close collaboration with the School Support Advisor and community to ensure continued improvement in students’ learning, assessment and achievement as well as improved teacher performance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

School Governance, Management & Development

  • Promote and advocate ethical practices, lead and administer the school in accordance with Government of Samoa regulations and policies and all MESC policies (eg – school nutrition and sanitation, inclusive education)
  • Lead and implement key activities in MESC plans based on the school’s classroom based assessment against the Minimum Service Standards
  • Manage, register and ensure the accuracy of the registration and efficient use and monitoring of school assets and facilities as stipulated in the Samoa School Fee Grants Scheme Manual and the School Management Manuals.
  • Maintain effective relationships for the smooth operation of school (parents, wider community, school committee members and School Support Advisor)
  • Work in collaboration with and provide guidance and support to the School Committee and/or PTA when needed.
  • Be responsible and accountable for the development of all students including students with disabilities.
  • Ensure the well-being and safety for students and staff during school hours. 

Maintain an effective work collaboration with the School Support Advisor to ensure successful implementation of School developments. 

Personnel Management & Teacher Development

  • Ensure that all staff are actively participating to accomplish the vision and mission of the respective school
  • Empower and support teachers to ensure a competent and enthusiastic teaching staff for improved learning outcomes of students in the classroom.
  • Assist in the implementation of the Performance Appraisal System for teachers to ensure continued professional growth of staff.
  • Identify and support development needs of teachers and school committees based on identified key areas for improvement.
  • Plan for and conduct continuous training for teachers on identified professional development needs.
  • Maintain effective parent-teacher relationship and the wider community including PTA and/or School Committee and attend to all matters and issues concerning students and staff
  • Manage and provide professional development support for all teachers including preservice teachers on teaching practicum.
  • Manage and lead administrative personnel to ensure smooth operation of support systems in the school. 

Curriculum, Assessment and Student Development

  • Plan for and facilitate relevant whole-school programs to improve literacy and numeracy as well as meet curriculum and assessment requirements in line with the strategic objectives of the Ministry
  • Ensure the efficient and effective implementation of approved curriculum and whole school and classroom-based assessment practices in the classroom to improve student achievement and overall school performance. 

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Support the delivery of lessons in the classroom in relieving teachers when needed.
  • Provide relevant whole-school intervention strategies to address different learning needs of students.
  • Actively engage and participate in all areas of student-centred learning and classroom based assessment to encourage and develop student achievement. Identify and provide relevant whole-school intervention strategies to address and assist different levels of students’ abilities.


  • Report to the Ministry on a regular basis on school development needs, welfare and absenteeism of teacher and students, implementation of polices and plans pertaining to the administration and management of the school in relations to school safety, violence and harassment matters and advise the Ministry on any issues relating to school operations, performance and management.
  • Prepare reports on the respective programs that are implemented and be accountable for the use of the support provided under these programs
  • Prepare and submit all Performance documents required by MESC and the Public Service Commission in adherence of the Employee Contract annually.
  • Ensure the timely submission of accurate fortnightly staff returns that match records in staff attendance books.

Finance and Asset Management:

  • Manage, register and monitor effectively the use of available resources, finances and assets to support improved student learning outcomes.
  • Work in close collaboration with the School Committee and/or PTA on all matters pertaining to the financial needs of the school.
  • Ensure that finances and assets are registered and managed well and in compliance with Government Financial and Reporting Audit Requirements.
  • Ensure compliance to guidelines and protocols set by the Ministry and other relevant Ministries. 

Leadership & Management 

  1. Lead and role-model the Public Service Values for staff, students and the wider community.
  2. Lead and manage the core functions and activities of the School in order to foster quality assurance and ethical standards of all services and be accountable for the effective and efficient usage of resources.
  3. Ensure that effective performance management and evaluation processes are undertaken for all staff.
  4. Provide on the job training and coaching as well as support for staff members to ensure continuous professional development. 

Key Deliverables

To ensure that activities are aligned to reflect strategic objectives of the position stated above and reflect alignment to the goals of Education Sector for schools such as:

School Governance and Management

  • Put in place mechanisms to ensure stable and secure school environment to support improved learning outcomes.
  • Develop and maintain effective coordination with Parents and School Committees to improve everyday Community Support as needed.

Student Achievement

  • Develop and implement whole-school strategies to address at risk students for all levels.
  • Develop whole-school classroom strategies and activities based on the National Curriculum
  • Develop relevant teaching, learning and assessment intervention strategies to address students differing learning abilities to improve literacy and numeracy

 Professional Development

  • Develop practical Professional Development Plans for staff development every year.
  • Develop plan or necessary strategies to support teacher upgrade for improvement of teacher performance. 

Selection Criteria: 

COMPETENCY - Strategic Thinking and Leadership (Essential)


  • Understands the organizational (Ministry) direction and translates strategic objectives into operational activities.
  • Recognizes impact of organization’s direction and role within the government and community and manages the school accordingly.
  • Considers multiple perspectives when assessing impact of key issues and identifies viable solutions.
  • Provides advice to CEO that reflects analysis of a broad range of issues.
  • Applies intellect and knowledge to weigh up information and identifies critical factors and issues.
  • Demonstrates determination in meeting organizational / school goals and is ambitious to continue in the face of changes and challenges.
  • Shows confidence and ability to lead / manage planned targets with sound analytical and innovative skills.
  • Strong command in English & Samoan language (writing & verbal)

COMPETENCY - Building and Sustaining Relationships (Essential)


  • Is committed to citizen-centred service delivery, builds and sustains relationships within the organization / school / community and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Consults broadly to obtain buy-in, draws on knowledge of colleagues and fosters teamwork and cooperation through sharing information.
  • Capitalises on diversity and connects different viewpoints to enhance the operations of MESC / schools.
  • Encourages and motivates people to engage in continuous learning and empowers them.
  • Mentors, provides constructive feedback and recognizes success and engages in activities to sustain morale.
  • Communicates with precision and confidence, clearly and in an articulate manner, adapts methods of communication as appropriate in response to different contexts especially cultural (effective public relations and networking skills).

COMPETENCY - Delivers/achieves results (Essential)


  • Explores ways to improve effectiveness using technology and implementing continuous improvement activities.
  • Responds flexibly to changing circumstances and deploys resources wisely and identifies optimum resourcing combinations.
  • Adopts a planned approach in managing programs and defines objectives and translates them into implementation strategies.
  • Supports a culture of achievement and ensures planned projects / targets are monitored to achieve expected outputs.
  • Measures performance against individual objectives and track progress of students / teachers against goals.
  • Effectively manages tasks / projects accountable for and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. 

COMPETENCY - Integrity (Essential)


  • Role-models and promotes the Samoa Public Service Values of honesty, impartiality, service, respect, transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Exhibits highest level of ethical conduct and judgment.
  • Consistently supports a high set of ethical and moral principles.
  • Is indisputably trusted and operates professionally. 

COMPETENCY - Commitment/Personal Drive (Essential)


  • Defines work in terms or results and pursues success with energy and drive.
  • Helps others to define goals and plan a route for achievement.
  • A high achiever with a reputation for success and quality performance.
  • Sets high standards of performance for self and others.
  • Perseveres to achieve goals in the face of resistance and setback.
  • Consistently meets goals and pushes for results.

COMPETENCY - Intellect and Judgment (Essential)


  • Understands the environment affecting work of the organization / school and impacts on divisional level.
  • Applies intellect and knowledge to weigh up complex information and identify critical factors and issues.
  • Explores options in full and makes sound decisions under pressure.
  • Handles concepts and complexity comfortably and can communicate and summarize them effectively to others.

COMPETENCY - Educational Qualification


  • A minimum of a Diploma in Education or relevant discipline.
  • Must be a registered Teacher with valid license as per the Teachers Act 2016. 

COMPETENCY - Experience and past work performance


  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience (in Secondary Schools)
  • Relevant Experience in School Administration/ Management
  • Experience in financial management and or Human Resource Management
  • Knowledge of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture strategic objectives.
  • Experience in teaching and Management.
  • Experience in writing critical and analytical reports for strategic actions.
  • Must be Computer literate.


Duty Station: Savaii, Samoa

Duration: 3 years

Salary: $73,504.00 per annum

Hours of Attendance: The standard hours of attendance are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm excluding Public Commission holidays that are generally observed in the public service and declared by the Commission.

Performance Reviews: The Appointee’s performance shall be reviewed in accordance with the Performance Management Guideline.

School Leave: Approved/directed by the Chief Executive Officer.

Sick Leave: 20 days’ sick leave per annum on pro rata basis. 

Other Leave: All other leaves are subject to the rules set out in the Public Service Working Conditions and Entitlements Manual and Commission Endorsement.

End of Contract Benefits: The Appointee is entitled at the expiry of the Contract Term, to a payment equivalent to 8 working days for every contract year served at the salary rate paid to the Appointee on cessation of employment.

National Provident Fund: Government shall pay a percentage of the Appointee’s contribution or another rate prescribed by the National Provident Fund from time to time.

Accident Compensation Corporation: Government shall pay a percentage of the Appointee’s contribution or another rate prescribed by the Accident Compensation Act 1989.

Duty Travel: The government, development partner or relevant body meets all travelling expenses at prescribed rates necessarily incurred by staff required to travel away from Apia on official duty travel.

Regional/ International Recruited Staff: A successful candidate recruited from overseas is to bear all costs associated of relocation and will not be the responsibility of the Ministry.

Job Functions

Other Trades & Services, Teaching (Secondary /Primary)


Government & Defence


Indoor, Outdoor

Other Information (Attachments)