Assistant C.E.O. Industrial Relations & Occupational Safety and Health

  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour
  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour, Apia, Samoa
  • Apr 02, 2024
Contract Government & Military

Job Description & Skills/Qualifications Required


a. For your application to be considered you must complete ALL requirements of
the Application Package
➢ Complete and signed Application Form (Form 2)
➢ Certified Copies of all academic achievements/qualifications/training etc.
➢ Recently updated Curriculum Vitae (12 months)
➢ 3 Referees and their details i.e. (email addresses & phone numbers)

a. All applications should be addressed to:
The Chairman
Public Service Commission
Level 2, FMFM II Government Building
Apia, Samoa
b. Applications can be submitted using the following options;
• PSC Level 2 – FMFM II Government Building; OR
• Email at:
c. All Applications for the position will be closed on 23rd April 2024 at 5:00pm
d. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Executive
Services on email or telephone 22123.

B. Samoa Public Service
The Samoa Public Service is comprised of government entities which fall under the
following categories; Constitutional Bodies, Statutory Bodies, Ministries and StateOwned Enterprises (Public Bodies). 

C. About the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour
The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour has variety of mandates roles and
- Promote industry development, foreign investment and guarantees the rights of
citizens to participate in the economy of Samoa
- Set standards to regulate fair competitive practices to promote a level playing
field in all trades
- Administers the Apprenticeship Scheme, Employment Services, conducting
labour market surveys and collection of Labour Market information
- Promote and enforce labour and employment relations, foreign employee
employment and occupational safety and health standards
- Administers the Recognized Seasonal Employment program as well as the
Labour and Employment Export Programs
- Manage and enforce the statutory obligations of the registries of companies and
other legal entities and protect the rights of Intellectual Property holders.

Responsible to the: The Chief Executive Officer – Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour

Primary Objective:

To lead the IROSH division by enforcing of labor and employment relations standards to provide a fair and equitable level playing field for both employees and employers in promoting compliance with its legislation and policies at the workplace, promoting standards and requirements of safety and health workplaces and formulate appropriate programmes that promote and improve decent and fair work in Samoa.


Technical and Policy Advice
1. Provide strategic/policy advice to the Chief Executive Officer and the Samoa National
Tripartite Forum (‘SNTF’) on key employment areas that requires specialist advice on relating to;

  • Employment Relations
    o Working Terms and Conditions
    o Grievance settlement and conciliatory processes
    o (Non)/compliance
    o Inspections;
  • Occupational Safety and Health;
    o OSH Standards
    o Inspections
    o Investigations
    o (Non)/Compliance
  • Foreign Employee Employment Permits (‘Employment Permits’)
    o (Non)/compliance
    o Joint Action Compliance Enforcement Taskforce (‘JACE’);
  • Tripartite Social Dialogue;
  • International Labour Organisation (‘ILO’) International Labour Standards (‘ILS’).
  • ILO Reporting obligations.
  • Social Protection and Security.
  • Decent Work Country Programme.
  • Minimum Wage.
  • Gender Equality.
  • Child Labour.
  • Violence and Harassment in the Workplace; and
  • Economic and Social implications on the ‘World of Work’.

2. Develop, monitor and review relevant policies, guidelines, manuals, legislation and processes pertaining to the functional areas of the Division.
3. Assess Samoa’s economic and social position and advise the SNTF on the ratification of relevant ILS; and develop, implement and review (when necessary) policies, guidelines / protocols to effect adopted ILS.
4. Advise the Competent Authority on the SNTF’s position of adopted ILS that contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth of Samoa.
5. Advise on Employment Permits pursuant to the requirements of current labour laws and international agreements.
6. Ensure effective, efficient and facilitative procedures/processes are in place for attaining Employment Permits for non-citizens in compliance with the Foreign Employee Employment Permit Policy and other relevant legislation.
7. Ensure occupational safety and health requirements, standards, policies are in place for the public and private sector.
8. Lead and manage employment and industrial relations grievances, complaints through mediation and conciliation procedures in the settlement of all labour and employment relations to promote harmonious relationships between employers and employees;
9. Ensure relevant labour and employment relations information is disseminated to the public and stakeholders through awareness programs, trainings, advocacy and consultations.
10. Lead and manage Samoa’s international labour standard reporting obligations to the ILO of the legal implementation of ratified and un-ratified Conventions and complete ILO’s General Surveys for Labour Statistics;
11. Responsible for the Secretariat support of the Samoa National Tripartite Forum pursuant to the Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013, the Occupational Safety and Health Representatives under the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 2014, and the National Occupational Safety and Health Task Force.

Monitoring and Evaluation

12. Undertake monitoring and evaluation of current policies and legislation pertaining to:
✓ Labour and Employment Relations,
✓ Occupational Safety and Health of the Workplaces in public and the private sector,
✓ Assessment and Approval of Foreign Employee Employment Permits,
✓ Compile, Analyse and Report to the ILO of Samoa’s obligations of ratified and unratified Conventions and Recommendations.
13. Enforce and ensure compliance of employers and employees to legal requirements to legislations administered under the division, with collaboration with Legal Division.
14. Adhere and enforce compliance of Labour Inspectors to the ILO’s Code of Professional Ethics of Labour Inspectorate and relevant legislation.
15. Ensure effective monitoring and implementation of M&E frameworks for investigations and inspections.

Leadership and Management
16. Actively participate as part of the Leadership and Management Team in the decision making and governance processes of the organization.
17. Assist in the development and implementation of the following Ministry Reports/Plans:
a. Workforce Plan,
b. Corporate Plan
c. Management plan
d. Annual Reports
e. Performance Management Plans/Appraisals
f. Any other relevant Plan/Report
18. Lead and role-model the Public Service Values for Divisional team members, organization, and wider Public Service.
19. Provide on the job support, mentoring, coaching as well as training for staff to ensure their continuous development.
20. Ensure that effective performance management and evaluation processes are undertaken as per the Performance Appraisal System for Divisional staff.
21. Lead and manage the core functions of the Division in order to foster quality assurance and ethical standards of all services and be accountable for the effective and efficient usage of resources.
22. Ensure that internal systems are in place for effective and efficient planning,
implementation, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on team performance.
23. Identify priority budgetary requirements for the Divisions annual submission of
performance measures and budgetary provisions and ensure the Division’s resources are managed in accordance with prevailing policies.

24. Represent the ministry in intra-ministry work collaborations or other forums as directed from time to time.
25. Act as the Administration Head of the Ministry in the absence of the CEO as required.
26. Assist with the implementation of the Talofa with a Smile Campaign initiatives to promote and enhance good customer service as directed by the Office of the Public Service Commission.

Key Deliverables
a. Implement the Labour and Employment Act and Regulations
b. Assess and develop occupational safety Codes of Practice for the eight priority areas to advance with OSH inspections to determine compliance for the public and private sector on annual basis.
c. Ensure availability online for ease of access on all divisional procedural guidelines in compliance with mandated Legislation.
d. Coordinate and submit International Labour Standard Reporting obligations on the legal implementation of Conventions and Recommendations in Samoa’s national legislation before 01st September of every year.
e. Complete ratification of the following ILO Conventions;
1. C187 Promotional Framework for OSH Convention, 2006
2. C189 Domestic Workers Convention, 2011
3. C190 Violence and Harassment at Work Convention, 2019
f. Develop and finalise the new Samoa’s Decent Work Country Program 2024
g. Finalize implementation plan to address violence and harassment in work place in compliance with C190
h. Facilitate the Minimum Wage (‘MW’) Survey and the Impact Assessment for the MW
i. Successful implementation of Budget Performance Measures every Financial Year.


MERITS: Skills and Abilities 

COMPETENCY: Strategic Thinking (Essential)


  • Recognizes impact of organization’s direction and role within the government and community.
  • Understands organizational direction and aligns/translates strategic objectives into operational activities.
  • Provides advice to Government based on analysis of a broad range of issues.
  • Considers multiple perspectives when assessing impact of key issues and identifies viable solutions.
  • Applies intellect and knowledge to weigh up information and identify critical factors and issues.
  • Demonstrates determination in meeting organizational goals and is ambitious to continue in the face of changes and challenges.

MERITS: Skills and Abilities 

COMPETENCY: Building and Sustaining Relationships (Essential)


  • Is committed to client service, builds and sustains relationships within the organization, across the public service, with the public and other stakeholders.
  • Consults broadly to obtain buy-in, draws on knowledge of work partners and fosters teamwork and cooperation through sharing information.
  • Capitalises on diversity and harnesses different viewpoints to enhance the operations of the Division.
  • Encourages and motivates people to engage in continuous learning and empowers them through delegation of responsibilities for work.
  • Mentor, provides constructive feedback and recognizes success and engages in activities to sustain morale.
  • Communicates with precision and confidence, clearly and in an articulate manner, adapts methods of communication.
  • Adapts communication style and message to meet needs, has a strong grasp of key issues and presents a convincing and balanced rationale.

MERITS: Skills and Abilities 

COMPETENCY: Delivers/achieves results (Essential)


  • Focuses on activities that support organizational sustainability and streamlines processes to seek operational efficiency.
  • Monitors and manages resourcing pressures for optimum outcomes.
  • Oversees the implementation of multiple change initiatives with a focus on the desired outcomes. Defines high-level objectives and ensures translation
    into practical implementation strategies.
  • Fosters a culture of achievement and ensure planned targets / projects are realistic.
  • Ensure planned targets are monitored and measured and achieves expected outputs / outcomes.

MERITS: Personal Attributes 

COMPETENCY: Integrity (Essential)


  • Exhibits and applies high integrity and ethical principles.
  • Is indisputably trusted and operates professionally.
  • Act professionally in carrying out duties and responsibilities despite personal preferences.
  • Adheres to and promotes the Samoan Public Service Values of honesty, impartiality, service, respect, transparency, accountability, efficiency and
  • Adheres to the ILO’s Code of Professional Ethics for Labour Inspectorate.

MERITS: Personal Attributes 

COMPETENCY: Commitment/Personal Drive (Essential)


  • Defines work in terms of results and pursues success with energy and drive.
  • Anticipates obstacles and is prepared with contingency plans to sustain goals / objectives and keeps everyone on track.
  • Helps others to define goals and plan a route for
  • A high achiever with a reputation for success and quality performance.
  • Sets high standards of performance for self and others.

MERITS: Personal Attributes 

COMPETENCY: Intellect and Judgment (Essential)


  • Understands the environment affecting work of the organization and impacts on divisional level.
  • Exhibits sound conceptual and analytical skills and apply intellect and knowledge in identifying critical factors and issues.
  • Handles concepts and complexity proficiently, provides insight and understanding for others and appropriately integrates them into the workplace.
  • Has good judgment as to what information is significant and useable in each situation.
  • Demonstrates effective judgment to weigh up options and develop realistic solutions.
  • Has good judgment in the conciliatory process and procedures including mediation of industrial relations grievances, complaints, disputes.

MERITS: Personal Attributes 

COMPETENCY: Creative and Innovation (Essential)


  • Develops innovative ideas and methods of promoting labour and employment relations, occupational safety and health good practices.
  • Searches for new and more effective methods, making connections between previously unrelated ideas.
  • Is seen as a motivator and guide for others to generate new ideas in brainstorming sessions.

MERITS: Experience

COMPETENCY: Experience (Essential)


  • Relevant Years of experience.
  • Experience in industrial relations, occupational health and safety an advantage.

MERITS: Past Work Performance 

COMPETENCY: Past work Performance 


  • Proven track record of excellent performance from previous work.
  • Able to define goals and plans a route for achievement.
  • A high achiever with a reputation for success and quality performance.
  • Sets high standards of performance for self and others.

MERITS: Qualifications 

COMPETENCY: Educational Qualifications (Essential)


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce or Industrial Relations or Administration or Management or Law or Public Policy or relevant discipline.


Duty Station: Apia, Samoa
Duration: 3 years
Salary: $92,769 per annum
Hours of Attendance: The standard hours of attendance are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm excluding Public Commission holidays that are generally observed in the public service and declared by the Commission.
Performance Reviews: The Appointee’s performance shall be reviewed in accordance with the Performance Management Guideline.
Annual Leave: 20 days’ annual leave per annum on pro rata basis
Sick Leave: 20 days’ sick leave per annum on pro rata basis.
Other Leave: All other leaves are subject to the rules set out in the Public Service Working Conditions and Entitlements Manual and Commission Endorsement.
End of Contract Benefits: The Appointee is entitled at the expiry of the Contract Term, to a payment equivalent to 8 working days for every contract year served at the salary rate paid to the Appointee on cessation of employment.
National Provident Fund: Government shall pay a percentage of the Appointee’s contribution or another rate prescribed by the National Provident Fund from time to time.
Accident Compensation Corporation: Government shall pay a percentage of the Appointee’s contribution or another rate prescribed by the Accident Compensation Act 1989.
Duty Travel: The government, development partner or relevant body meets all travelling expenses at prescribed rates necessarily incurred by staff required to travel away from Apia on official duty travel.
Regional/ International Recruited Staff: A successful candidate recruited from overseas is to bear all costs associated of relocation and will not be the responsibility of the Ministry.

Job Functions



Government & Defence


Indoor, Outdoor

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